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Stop enhancing your genitals – Marriage counsellor


A marriage counsellor and relationship expert, Dr John Boakye, has cautioned married couples against enhancing their genitals for sexual pleasures, saying the fuss about genital enhancement is a “myth”.

He said many people were obsessed with enhancing their body parts and spent huge sums of money in buying products for penis enlargement, vaginal tightening, hips and breast enlargement in their quest for better sexual life with their partners.

Dr Boakye gave the caution during a talk on relationships at Burma Camp last week.

He said instead of spending time with their spouses and families, some couples dedicated their time and effort to seeking enhancement products which had no impact on their relationships.

“Couples must focus on having enough time with their partners to explore and have fun with each other. The time couples spend together influences the bond between them.

“Couples must also work on securing better finances in their marriages because money contributes highly to the success of every marriage.”

“They should decide how to finance the home, work hard, budget and allow one person to run the home, preferably the woman. They should invest, plan towards their retirement, live healthily and have varieties in their sexual lives,” he advised.

“The heart does not make decisions. It is the mind, so allow your mind to choose right and do not follow your heart because the heart loves everything beautiful,” he added.


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